There are two reliable indictors of quality in health care. The first is utilization – how many people want and use our services. In this respect, Huron Behavioral Health is among the state leaders in community mental health care utilization. In fact, over the last year and a half, Huron Behavioral Health served 48% more people in its target population than the typical mental health agency in the state. Overall, we served almost 1,700 Huron County residents last year.

The second reliable indicator of quality is compliance to “best care” standards. In this regard too, Huron Behavioral Health excels. A recent state survey of quality of care showed Huron Behavioral Health to have the highest rate of compliance in a five-county region and one of the highest in the entire state.

And what about the cost of providing high quality care? Huron Behavioral Health’s per capita cost is 8% below the state average and 24% below cost for the Detroit-Wayne area. High quality and low cost means outstanding treatment value.

Huron Behavioral Health is also important to the community for the economic value it creates. We are the third largest service employer and seventh largest overall employer in Huron County. The majority of operational costs of nearly $8,000,000; circulates through the local economy in the form of payroll, goods and services purchased in Huron County.

Community benefit and treatment value make the 179 employees, associate service providers and volunteers justifiably proud of the outstanding organization they are creating – Huron Behavioral Health.